Install Error: WebAdaptorURL does not exist

Discussion created by bokeefe on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2015 by bokeefe
So... we've tried the following...

  1. Installed and uninstalled 'Web_Adaptor_for_Microsoft_IIS_101sp1_132828.'

  2. Installed 'Web_Adaptor_for_Microsoft_IIS_101_129917' and then upgraded with 'Web_Adaptor_for_Microsoft_IIS_101sp1_132828' and uninstalled.

No matter what we do, after the installation process our WebAdaptor installation will not shift into the Configuration stage. So, we decided to try the Command Line setup 'ConfigureWebAdaptor /w <WebAdaptorURL> /g <GISServerURL> /u <Username> /p <Password> /a <AdminAccessEnabled>' to see if we could get to the configuration anyway. We get the error message back 'WebAdaptorURL does not exist.'

Hoping someone else has seen this and can help us figure out what has gone wrong. If not, it's time to place a ticket.