ESRI_ELEVATION_WORLD GetElevationAtLongLat example

Discussion created by dmortenson on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2014 by jgrayson-esristaff
I must be missing something easy, as there are no examples of this.

I would like to retrieve the value of the elevation for a given lat/long. Do I really need a proxy or can't I just use the ESRI_Elevation_World -> GetElevationAtLonLat service?

Here's my code:

 var requestHandle = esriRequest({
            "url": "",
            "content": {
              "lon": longitude,
              "lat": latitude,
              "format": "json"
            "handeAs": "json",
            "callbackParamName": "callback"
       requestHandle.then(requestSucceeded, requestFailed);  
   function requestSucceeded(data){
          elev = JSON.parse(data);
          arrayUtils.forEach(elev, function(e) {
              var elev_meter = e.elevation;
              elev_ft = elev_meter *  3.2808399; 
              elevation += elev_ft ;

Thank you.