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Geometry comparison problems

Question asked by jcscott on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by bharold-esristaff

I am having some troubles comparing geometries between two line features and I am wondering if anyone might know a solution.

Basically i would like step through each object in one table and then compare it to a corresponding object in another table to detect if a change has occurred in the geometry of the item.

The problem i am encountering is with the geometry object generated from the "SHAPE@" in the arcpy.da.SearchCursor.
When comparing two pipes that I know are identical, the two geometries return as being not identical to one another, but if i use a "SHAPE@JSON" or simply compare all the XY attributes of the two features, then they do return as being equal as expected.

Has anyone had experience with geometry objects not returning equal when other checks of the same data return being equal?
Further, would simply using "SHAPE@JSON" be a suitable substitute for confirming geometric differences within a pipe?

Thanks for any help!

Here's the code in a nutshell. the mPipes and oPipes are the modified and original features respectivley.

             with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(mPipes,["OID@","SHAPE@","SHAPE@JSON"]) as scursor:         for row in scursor:             print row[0]             expression = '"OBJECTID" = {0}'.format(row[0])             ogeom = None             for part in row[1]:                 #row 1 for geometry object, row[2] for json                 mgeom = row[2]             with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(oPipes,["OID@","SHAPE@","SHAPE@JSON"],where_clause=expression) as check:                 for i in check:                     for p in i[1]:                         #i[1] for geometry object, i[2] for json                         ogeom = i[2]             if ogeom == mgeom:                 print "Equals!"             else:                 print "Not Equals!"             print ogeom             print mgeom             print ''