Network Analyst: Network Dataset Creation Issues

Discussion created by minnies on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by mrice-esristaff
Hi there,

I'm quite new to the network analyst toolset and would like to perform a basic service area analysis but I am having bit of trouble with creating a network dataset in ArcCatalogue...

I have ensured that the network analyst extension has been activated in Main menu\Tools\Extensions but when I right click on my source polyline shapefile (roads) in ArcCatalogue the "New Network Dataset" option is unselectable.

I have searched for a solution in the ArcGIS Desktop help function, the Network Analyst Tutorial .pdf document and various forums and I have reached the conclusion that that my input shapefile does not have the required fields in its attribute table and/or has polyline connectivity errors that prevent it from being used as source data for the creation of a network dataset.

So how do I make it work? I basically just want to calculate pedestrian travel times from certain points along (but unconnected to) a road network...

Any input and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!