Publishing Puzzle - Layer's data source is not registered with the server

Discussion created by JordanBaumgardner_GIS on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by randall_williams-esristaff
I'm am completely stuck trying to publish an mxd created from an Oracle data store that my ArcGIS Server has complete access to.

What am I missing here. These two scenario's seem mutually exclusive to me.


  • Double click MXD

  • Cancel on DB login

  • Verify data connections are broken

  • Select a feature | right click | Data | Repair data source.

  • Select myconnection@gisprod.sde.[layer selected]

  • Verify all other feature's data connections are repaired.

  • File | Share as | Service | Analyze

  • All Layers show "Layer's data source is not registered with the server and data will be copied"

  • Right click on one layer

  • Register Data Source with Server

  • Name it GISPRODTEST | OK => "The database is already registered as ArcGIS Server's Managed Database"

  • Right click on one layer

  • Show Data store registration page

  • Select Validate all => GISPROD is validated (the only entry)

  • Select GISPROD | OK | ReAnalyze => same warnings - Data will be copied

  • Right click on one layer

  • Show data store registration page

  • Register new database

  • Name it GISPRODTEST | Import | Select myconnection@gisprod.sde => Database already registered.

I can't remove GISPROD as the Live services are using it.

Thanks in advance.