Generalization of Hosted Feature Service

Discussion created by BFWood1 on Feb 26, 2014
I uploaded a shapefile of boundaries that follow the outline of land features and had it hosted as a feature service to be used in my web map.  When I load that feature service into AGOL map viewer everything looks fine, the problem occurs when I choose to 'Make a Web Map'. The feature service becomes 'generalized', in other words the feature service no longer follows the outline of the land features but rather becomes straight lines.  For example, in the map viewer the boundary follows the shoreline of a circular island exactly, but when I create a web map the boundary looks more like a triangle over the island.  Then, even in the map viewer the boundaries are generalized as well when they looked fine before creating the web map.  It looks absolutely terrible and I cannot use the map after the boundaries have become 'generalized' because it looks ridiculous and not accurate at all.

Does anyone know why this generalization occurs?  I seem to recall the option to have an uploaded shapefile to AGOL be generalized but cannot find this option any longer and have not used it in this example.

Thanks in advance.