Detailed Explanation of Feature Credit Use

Discussion created by daprixm on Feb 25, 2014
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I've been doing a lot of research on credit use and cannot seem to find a detailed breakdown of credit usage.  My organization has 30 members (which is difficult to manage with the current tools), fortunately we have kept our credit usage to a minimum.  However, we are starting to rack up a lot of credit usage with Features.  I've looked at the usage statistics plenty of times but it does not show what we are being charged for, is it for creating features, publishing features, storing features, accessing features or is it for all of the above and what part of the feature are we being charged for?  The graph shows credit usage on days where nothing was published by any 30 of the users (which is a pain to track down in the first place seeing as there is no way to view a user's individual usage), sometimes it's sustained over several days, ie. 6.14 credits for 4 or 5 days.  What is this from?

I've been to all the ESRI credit description pages and help pages, viewed the videos (which I might add do not accurately represent the tools of AGOL, since the Spatial Analysis option to view 'the usage of analytics by users and apps within your organization' does not work) and have been searching through forums and articles.  I would really like a detailed honest answer of what is going on and not another link to the unhelpful descriptions ESRI has on its webpage.

1. What are the credit charges for Features ( Access, publishing, storing, uploading or creating)
2. What part of a feature is charged (Features, service definitions, features used in maps etc.)
3. Why are there sustained charges over several days with the same number of credits?