Ability to add temporary graphics/text in ArcGIS online maps?

Discussion created by beths on Feb 25, 2014
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Good Morning.  I am just delving into this concept of using Arcgis Online and have looked at every webinar I can get my hands on. Now, I have my first request for a Map App from a user, great!  She wants a basic basemap and the ability to search for addresses.  OK.  No problem so far.
After the user finds an address, she would like to place a Point graphic and text graphic at that location.  Then continue, adding maybe 20 points with additional text.  Once complete, the ability to print as well.
My question... Is there really no equivalent to the draw toolbar (or even more basic) in AGOL?  Since this is the first request I have received, I was all set to make this easy quick map, but it appears this is not possible???
I do not want to use an editable point feature class/shapefile.

Perhaps I just haven't found the right thread/template/etc.

Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks.
Beth J.