Combining Fuzzy membership values in ArcGIS 10 - Problems

Discussion created by karen2014 on Feb 23, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by karen2014
Hello,  I have produced a number of raster layers that contain fuzzy membership values for soil parameters.  I believe that I have carried out the calculations correctly.  I have ensured that I have set the correct extent too.   I have calculated the convex combination of the raster layers that contain the fuzzy values using a number of different methods.  I have used the raster calculator, the fuzzy overlay and the weighted sum tools and they all produce the same raster layer with a lower range that is set the same as the value of my NoDataValue (I looked in the properties o the layer in the source tab). I was expecting the range to be withing 0 and 1. The range runs from +3,40282346639e+038 through to -3,40282346639e+038 .  I dont know if it is just coincidence but NoDataValue is set at -3,40282346639e+038  in all of my layers.  I cant see anything when i zoom to the layer either. Hence, it looks even more probable that the layer is full of cells with noData Values. Can anyone help me please? A thousand apologies if I havent given enough information for you to solve this problem.  I am not very experienced with this aspect of ArcGIS and also new to the forum.  Thanks in advance of a speedy reply. Karen  :-)