Mosaic To New Raster

Discussion created by ramialouta on Feb 22, 2014
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i have on question that may be easy to experts with python.
I am new to the Programing language so i don't have a good background.
Lets start with the inputs
I am working on some NDVI Landsat data in the middle east mainly Lebanon and syria
i downloaded the data from USGS and the first step is to combine the 2 tiles i have into one raster, before i used to perform this through the toolbox but since its really time consuming i decided to learn python and start working through computer language, but due to my little knowledge i am facing a big problem writing the code every time i do it i get an error. so any idea how can i write the for loop so i can process the data i have from 2000 till 2013 without doing it one by one thank you.