Editing features imported from CAD maps

Discussion created by qwejewqj on Feb 22, 2014
I'm converting maps from Autocad to GIS.  I used the from Cad to Geodatabase tool to bring the cad map into arcmap and changed reprojected the data etc.  However the points and lines don't fall where they're supposed to.   I'm trying to edit them to move them to where they are supposed to be.  When i turn on the editor tool bar and  "start editing" im unable to move the lines/points.  It says that i need to choose and editable feature.  Why would these features not be editable? am i doing something wrong? How can i fix this?

My questions is, if these features have been converted into a dataset with points, lines and polygon layers, why would i not be able to edit them? when i turn the editor toolbar on and start editng, and i click/highlight the feature i'm trying to move, it says that i have to choose and editable feature.  Why are these features not editable?