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IRepresentationRule.InsertLayer has not desired effect

Question asked by GisUser3333 on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2014 by GisUser3333
I am trying to create line-Representations with several Layers.
Therefore I am using the IRepresentationRule.InsertLayer method within a loop.
The line-representation should have several symbol-layers
but only the last inserted symbol-layer is visible in my created style.

Hereâ??s the code for creating the line-representations.

Dim pRepresentationRule As IRepresentationRule 'Repräsentationsregel
Dim pBasicSymbol As IBasicSymbol = New BasicLineSymbol
Dim pBasicLineSymbol As IBasicLineSymbol = New BasicLineSymbol
Dim pGraphicAttributes As IGraphicAttributes
Dim pColor As IColor = New RgbColor
Dim varColor As Object
Dim intCounter As Integer
Dim pStyleGalleryItems As IEnumStyleGalleryItem
Dim pStyleGalleryItem As IStyleGalleryItem
Dim pStyleGalleryClass As IStyleGalleryClass
Dim newOBJECT As Object
Dim newRepRuleItem As IRepresentationRuleItem


For Each pLineElem In pLineComponent.listLineElems

pGraphicAttributes = pBasicLineSymbol.Stroke
varColor = pColor
pGraphicAttributes.Value(0) = pLineElem.dblWidth 'Width
pGraphicAttributes.Value(1) = "Stumpf" 'Cap
pGraphicAttributes.Value(2) = "Spitz" 'Join
pGraphicAttributes.Value(3) = varColor 'Color

pBasicSymbol = pBasicLineSymbol

pRepresentationRule.InsertLayer(intCounter, pBasicSymbol)

intCounter = intCounter + 1


'add to gallery
'Create object
pStyleGalleryClass = New RepresentationRuleStyleGalleryClass

newOBJECT = pStyleGalleryClass.NewObject("Linienrepräsentationsregel")

newRepRuleItem = newOBJECT
newRepRuleItem.RepresentationRule = pRepresentationRule

pStyleGalleryItem = New StyleGalleryItem

pStyleGalleryItem.Name = strName
pStyleGalleryItem.Item = newRepRuleItem

Thanks for any help!