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Why Would -[AGSCallout showCalloutAtPoint:forFeature:layer:animated:] Fail?

Question asked by KJohnsonNarwhal on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by KJohnsonNarwhal
I have an AGSGraphicLayer displaying AGSGraphic instances. I have the callout delegate set for both the map view and the layer, and the delegate function returns YES. The callout displays fine if I tap on a graphic. But if I try to programmatically display the callout using -[AGSCallout showCalloutAtPoint:forFeature:layer:animated:], it returns NO (failure) and no callout is shown.

I'm pretty sure all the arguments I'm passing to the method are valid.

Under what circumstances would this method return NO? Are there any specific attributes or properties that need to be set on the graphic, the layer, or the map view to get it to work?

-- Kris