Mosaic Dataset - Setting MinPS below LowPS has no effect

Discussion created by greenlaw on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by hlzhang525
I have a map service containing a single mosaic dataset with five (non-overlapping) rasters.  Each raster is a GeoTIFF with several embedded overviews (pyramids), and each has a different width/height/resolution.

I'd like to be able to set the maximum display scale of each individual raster (e.g., raster "A" needs to disappear after 1:577,000, raster "B" needs to disappear after 1:288,000, etc.). 

I was planning to implement this by updating the Mosaic Dataset's attribute table to set different MinPS values for each raster.  While this works for larger MinPS values, I've discovered that setting the MinPS of any raster to a value smaller than the lowest LowPS value in the Mosaic Dataset has no effect.

Here are my min/max/low/high PS values: 

    minps    |      maxps       |     lowps      |     highps
 0.000000000 | 200000.000000000 | 2060.797725894 | 2060.797725894
 0.000000000 | 200000.000000000 | 4000.000000000 | 4000.000000000
 0.000000000 | 200000.000000000 |  789.510316420 |  789.510316420
 0.000000000 | 200000.000000000 |  940.407095286 |  940.407095286
 0.000000000 | 200000.000000000 |  519.879708618 |  519.879708618

In this case, setting any MinPS value lower than 519.879708618 (the smallest LowPS in the Mosaic Dataset) has no effect, and the target raster still displays (even down to approx. 1:1 scale). 

If I set this value to 520, it immediately has an effect, but sets the scale threshold higher than desired.  This limits the max scale that can be set for each raster to either too low (1:1) or too high (~ 1:1,965,354) - there's no in-between.

Can anyone explain this behavior?  Is this to be expected?  Is there any other way to control max scale for individual rasters in a mosaic dataset (other than creating a separate map layer for each raster)?