Output rasters from Extract by Mask different type and symbology than input rasters

Discussion created by davisem on Feb 18, 2014
Hi all,

I am using the Extract by Mask tool in a model in Modelbuilder to extract the area of wildfires (the rasters) within watersheds (polygon feature classes; the masks).  The rasters inputted into the tool all have cell size 30x30, and are of discrete type, unsigned integer pixel, 8 bit, colormap present. 

The rasters I am getting OUT of the tool are cell size 10, continuous type, SIGNED integer pixel, 8 bit, colormap ABSENT.  This is undesirable because I need these rasters to be of the same type as their input counterparts, especially where the colormap and symbology are concerned.  I attempted to input the symbology of one of the original input rasters into the output raster, and got an error telling me it was not possible to do this. 

As far as the differing cell size is concerned, I suspect that is because I have not set the 'Environments' correctly in my model.  However, I'm totally baffled as to why the rasters are getting transformed from unsigned integer, discrete, to signed integer, continuous.  Everything (both the features used as masks and the rasters) are in the same projection, so that can't be the issue.

Any help greatly appreciated!  I can attach data or screenshots if you think it would help.