Help! Scratch Workspace not setting for Scratch GDB

Discussion created by MCusumano on Feb 18, 2014
I need to define my scratch workspace, but python is not taking the input. Here is what I have:

# Setup Working Environment
path = "D:\\gis\\Data\\"
arcpy.env.scratchworkspace = path
print "Scratch workspace set to " + env.scratchGDB + "\n"

This should set the scratchGDB to d:\gis\Data\scratch.gdb. However it still sets it to C:\Users\tdmc0\AppData\Local\Temp\2\scratch.gdb

I cannot have the scratch GDB inside of my temp users directory as it changes daily and this is part of an automated process that has layers in a map document pointing to layers inside my scratch GDB.

Why can I not set my scratch workspace? I have followed all of the guidelines in the ArcGIS documentation. Thanks.