IComboBox with dynamic contents

Discussion created by andreaspaulsen on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by ldonahue
In ArcScene: I have implemented an IComboBox where the content changes:
void MyComboBox::updateComboBox()
   std::vector<CComBSTR> comboBoxItems;
   long cookie;
   std::vector<CComBSTR>::iterator it;
   for(it = comboBoxItems.begin(); it != comboBoxItems.end(); it++)
      m_comboBoxHook->Add(*it,&cookie); // IComboBoxHookPtr m_comboBoxHook;

The method IComboBox::get_Width unforunately seems to be called only when the IComboBox is created. How do I tell Arc that the content of the combo box has changed and that is must call IComboBox::get_Width again and update the GUI accordingly?