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Postgress/PostGIS Rasters in ArcGIS not working

Question asked by pyonono on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2014 by pyonono

I need to use ArcMap 10.1 and read rasters stored in PostGRESS/PostGIS, without having to create views or multy-polygons in the database.

I have tried two ways:

- Setting a Database connection in ArcCatalog directly to the Postgress/PostGIS database. I can display vector features, fine, but only see the attribute table of the rasters, so not displaying the rasters as a whole. I guess this has not been implemented so far by ESRI, has it?.

- By using the Interoperability extension and its postGIS file type, I can see my geometries within my database, anything new, then I am able to add those raster tables into my ArcCatalog tree. Interesting, at least this time, the icon of the element instead of being a table icon seems to be a point feature icon, so something different is going on. But when I try to display these point geometries (a kind of cells?), it says "Error reading Interoperability Data. The operation failed because the database table does not have a numeric number".

If I were able to add this numeric number into my raster table at the database - still I don't know how to do it- would I be able to finally visualize the raster?, or would I see just only the table again?. Would version 10.2 of ArcGIS improve this a little?. Is there any other way round to solve this within ArcGIS?

In the other hand, am I having these issues because I have not done something at the database level which I was supposed to do with my raster files? Someone has succeeded at adding postgis rasters into ArcGIS?

Anyone has used postgress rasters in ArcGIS succesfully?

Thanks in advance.