red polygon disappeared during Zoom in/Zoom out function in IE10

Discussion created by alebar on Feb 17, 2014
Hi All Esri friends...
I need help. Zoom in/out functionality is incorrect in IE10. I am using ESRI javaScript API 3.8 with dojo/dijit. In Zoom in/out function red rectangle with shift press button is disappeared. I used tags <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7, IE=8, IE=9"> in head part in my pages but without success. You can see this issue/bug in this example:

and don't forget that it is visible only in IE10 version of browser. IE11 and previous of IE10 it works correctly

It seems that it's similar to this one:

Does it mean that it's official ESRI bug? in 3.8 version of JavaScript API it still doesn't work...

Can you help me?
Thanks a lot