Convert Geometry Storage from SDEBINARY to ST_GEOMETRY

Discussion created by moj on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2014 by mousaem
Hello All,
I have the enterprise 9.3.1 SDE large GDB (around 1 TB ) where geometry is stored in SDEBINARY.
I am thinking to convert the geometry storage to ST_GEOMETRY and want to know your view and experience on that.
1 . ST_GEOMETRY is default storage since 9.3 but is that recommended to convert from SDEBINARY to ST_GEOMETRY.
2. Has that been done by someone and issue o approx time taken for the operation (although time taken depends on various factors)
3. Is there any concern or known issue?
4. Will that fragment table?
5. I am hoping that migration will also require adjustment in the code and entire custom code has to be tested.
Any view or any info which help to take the decision further will be appreciated.