exception in animation handler for:onAnimate  IE8 only

Discussion created by VinayBa on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by rasikasampath
HI All,

     I am using esri js api 3.6  , I basically have something like map view and tab view.I load the map in map view and other contents  in tabular view these both views are dojo content pane which reside under tab container .

When i load the map first time things works fine but some times i see this strange behavior in map .I actually sometime i have to show tabular view and map view sometimes based on user action and sometimes programatically .In some scenarios when i am in tabular view and hit the map view button i get below error

exception in animation handler for:onAnimate

and extent of map are  all Nan i.e xmax=nan

the only actions i may be doing when i hitting map view may be asising some symbols but nothing more but why i do see this behaviour.