Transfer output value from tool to text box on dockable window?

Discussion created by pjc2014 on Feb 16, 2014
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Hi All - I'm currently a student working on my master's thesis which involves a custom ArcGIS Add-in.

I have a tool that calculates the area of a user drawn polygon and returns the area value as a string. However, I can't seem to figure out how to pass this value back to a text box on my dockable window. Everything I try comes back with a non-shared member reference.
I've looked into using IDockableWindow.UserData, but the documentation on it is not very helpful and I'm not sure where to start with setting the property. Any help would be appreciated. I'm a novice coder and this is probably the most complex thing I've tried so far.

I'm using vb.Net and ArcGIS 10.2. I've found some samples in C# but don't know enough to translate the code.