Raster to vector conversion problems

Discussion created by camlukos on Feb 14, 2014
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Hello everyone
I am a first time forum poster so Im a little new to everything so I apologize in advance if I foul things up.  I am a college student who is using ArcGIS to complete my senior thesis and I have encountered a problem.  I am still a novice so the answer might be obvious.  My problem is that I have temperature data that is in a raster format and I am trying to convert it to vector.  When I used the conversion tool it generated the polygon but it did not carry over any of the temperatures.  The temperature data has a resolution of about 800 meters and it does cover a large area.  It spans the west coast of the united states.  I was wondering how to resolve the issue of the tool not carrying my temperature to the new vector format?  Could a join/relate be a way?

Thank you