Overlapping Labels

Discussion created by ishepherd on Feb 14, 2014
I've noticed on a map that I have published that labels from different layers are overlapping. Sometimes, even appearing on top of each other. I uploaded each layer as an individual service and added it to my map online. Would this be the cause of the issue? I am trying to avoid uploading the map as a single service because we are going to be caching the layers. However, not all of the layers are always going to be selected so the cache wouldn't work. I could be wrong but if I shared the service with Layer A, B, and C (only B and C are selected) and cached that my service would have a cache for the predefined levels with only B and C selected. In our case someone would want to be able to look at all combinations. Hence the need to cache each layer individually. So is there a way I can manage ArcGis online so that my labels from different services do not overlap? Thanks!