How to browse theme to ArcGIS Online from ArcGIS with attachment (JPG, DOC file)?

Discussion created by natalia_nov on Feb 13, 2014
In a  web-map elaborated by ArcGIS Online I need to put attachments as jpg and doc files to some objects of layers.
I found that I can do it by dint of pop-ups. But I can�??t find a way to browse theme from ArcGIS with attachment to ArcGIS Online.
As I understood from the help I have to do it
In  this page of  ArcGIS Online Help they wrote:

Show attachments
Pop-ups can be configured to show attachments as links if the map includes a features layer that has attachments in its data. You will only see an option to show attachments if the layer has them. When the pop-up is displayed, the attachment links are listed at the bottom of the window. Clicking one of the links opens the attachment in a new window.

So �?? that actually what I need. But I don�??t know how to attain that.

This text means that I can browse a layer from ArcGIS with attachment?
But in ArcGIS I can add attachment only for File Geodatabase Feature Class. If add attachment to it and then export it to a shp theme �?? it�??ll lose these attachments (shp theme can�??t have attachments as I understood).  Also I can�??t browse File GDB as a zip folder in the web-map of ArcGIS Online.

What shall I do for browse theme with attachments to ArcGIS Online?
My final aim -  add attachments to any  concrete object in a web-map of ArcGIS Online