Measure distance between fire hydrants - by way of centerlines?

Discussion created by csherer on Feb 13, 2014
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Hello all,

Looking for some guidance and I'd be shocked if this wasn't something someone already did before.
I've got a large number of fire hydrant points as well as street centerline data.  There is also a layer of lateral connection lines which may or may not be useful for the task.

Based on local ordinances, we have a minimum distance that each hydrant must be within and I would like to measure this distance and find those that have a distance longer than the ordinances indicate so we can develop a program to install hydrants within these locations so we have full coverage.  

The trick is this measured distance must be by way of street centerline and not straightline "as the crow flies". 
What would be an easy way to generate/calculate this for each hydrant?

Some other parameters would be:
Ability to use barriers - we would not be able to cross major roadways or other significant impediments in this calculation.
Each hydrant may have multiple other hydrants that are 'next in line' and as long as one of these is within the maximum distance, it would be acceptable (example: at a 4-way intersection, there would be 3 other hydrants down each road some distance, so that would be 3 separate distance calculations).

I've started looking into the network analysis and this seems like it would hold the answer soemwhere...

Anyone do anything similar or have any scripts or tips?