Help determining best approach for processing large raster dataset

Discussion created by armein01 on Feb 12, 2014
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I have polygon features, statewide, that I need to collect stats against a raster data.
I thought the best practice would be to loop through smaller selections and process in pieces. (HUC polys).
I have read through lots of blogs, forums, help and I am still confused as to how I should process the raster data.

Mosaic Datasets  -  Can be used if I have a service set up?   I am using a file geodatabase.

Could I use a raster catalog to select the tiles needed for the analysis area (HUC), then mosaic and process?

Should I just pass a single raster dataset and let the zonal tool do the clipping on the fly.

Please help me understand which format can be used.

Maybe I am overthinking this,  maybe I can pass all polygons and the entire raster and see what happens?