AGS Performance and Context TimeOuts

Discussion created by AaronKreag on Feb 12, 2014
I am running AGS v10, the web maps will open but then have unreasonable wait time for the data which is coming via local SDE. I have narrowed down my problem area to IIS or the ArcSOM/ArcSOC area.  If a user hits the webpage, everything will load but the data.  From that time, it takes about 2 minutes for the event to hit the Arc Server log and then most of the time more than 2 minutes and sometimes up to 6 minutes for the data to render in the map.  I noticed in the ESRI server log that there are Server Context Creation Timeouts happening.  So aside from more hardware, aside from a local cache, or less map services.  Does anyone have any info on how to get IIS, SOM, SOC to run more efficiently?  I was trying to find some kind of optimization page but was not able.

Thank you!