Model and Data Packaging for Sharing

Discussion created by jedd937 on Feb 12, 2014

I have created a Model Tool which analyzes a selection of data that I have stored in my GDB.  The workflow includes simple interpolation and spatial analysis tools.  Internal processes include intermediate data files with storage paths in a scratch workspace GDB I have created.  Packaging the MXD did not include the Model Tool and the package path was ...My Document\ArcGIS\Packages\...  I'd rather not add more Model Parameters then I already have to the intermediate paths because the model tool is already quite lengthy. 

I would like to share this Model Tool as well as the parameter data with partners so they can run the tool on their own processor.  While I could ask them to create the same folder: C:\Databases\... and then unzip the project folder here to maintain the same paths, I would appreciate any other options you may have that would make this process simpler on both ends; maybe how to make the intermediate paths relative.