???cloud??? version of ArcGIS / ArcGIS Professional?

Discussion created by hlzhang1022 on Feb 11, 2014
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Hi, ESRI teams,

We knew ESRI???s strategy and solutions for cloud computing (2009/2010), for example, ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server for AWS / EC2???

Technically, this ESRI strategy /solutions to GIS cloud only meet some needs in enterprise, like web/mobile-based lightweight users...

In fact, more and more demands in the enterprise still need collaboration capabilities with some advanced functions like desktop ArcGIS, in addition to lightweight web/mobile cloud solutions... Keep in mind, the current license model (ArcGIS Basic, Standard, and Advanced) with powerful workstations' investment cost too much to IT organizations...

So, with the advance of IT in the enterprise, in particular, enterprise-oriented cloud computing, does ESRI still have no plan to re-engineer desktop ArcGIS to have a version in cloud, for example, a ???cloud??? version of ArcGIS Professional?


As well-knew, Autodesk just releases ???AutoCAD Fusion 360???, which is the first release of computer-intensive application in cloud environment, especially, collaboration capabilities in the cloud version, even though it does not have full/ complete drawing /designing functions like desktop AutoCAD, at this stage. 

With this strategy, users in the enterprise will mainly have two groups: AutoCAD in cloud for majority (engineers, geologists, etc???); and full-blown version of AutoCAD on workstations for a few of advanced design specialists, in addition to web/ mobile-based lightweight users???