Marine Survey Route Cartography

Discussion created by ssbn619 on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by bondah
First Issue: We need a series of 1:10000 charts along a route (path).
Second Issue: Need to create a series of overlapping charts, let's say BOOKMARK chart 1, 2, 3, etc. and move legend along route (path). Polygons not too hard to symbolize, seabed obstacles also easy to mark.
Third Issue: Can I link bookmarks to LEGEND or do I need to so that I can have a series of charts? or do I need to have individual charts as the path moves "eastwards"?

In other words, LAYOUT VIEW: Nice chart. Legend says Chart One. Next: move data to overlap, change Label to Chart Two and Bookmark. BUT project does not save each BOOKMARK as it's own CHART.