Different ArcGIS Versions of Attachments?

Discussion created by khighlan on Feb 11, 2014
The problem I'm having is that one of our users can't see attachments on a feature class that definitely has attachments.

The attachments were enabled using a 10.1 geodatabase and attached using the ArcGIS Online Collector App. My machine is running 10.1 and I can see the attachments perfectly. I can also see the attachments in the ArcGIS Online maps we have created. However, when I pull up the exact same data using a machine with 10.0 on it, I can't see any attachments. I can even navigate to the feature class using ArcCatalog 10.0 and see the _ATTACHREL relate and _ATTACH table.

Can you really not view v10.1 attachments in a v10.0 environment or is there some kind of setting I'm overlooking?!?