Land sections and symbology

Discussion created by mattr11992 on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by rfairhur24
So im new to gis, about 5 months and surprisingly never ran into this issue. I represent land ownership on my map by changing the symbology of specific sections.. cool beans.. my issue is i now have 2 owners of the same section. How do i represent that on my map? how do i go about this?

As of now for my one owner map, i made a massive table with all the sections/townships/ranges owned by one entity and i would join this to my state sections layer and tadaaa! i could change color via ownership.

Now after having thousands of records im running into issues where my tables have duplicates, and im also worried about the accuracy of my land records what would happen if i join multiple tables that may have duplicates to my map?

anyways to the real question

how would you go about representing land ownership when 2 entities own the same section?