Map Tour Storymap Editing problem

Discussion created by elkriver on Feb 11, 2014
I am using the ???Map Tour??? Storymap template and I have a little problem.  I created the tour points in the application builder and attached the photos.  I would like to do some editing of the photos and text for each tour point and I would like to use the functionality of ArcMap on my desktop, which I have and use.

I chose to edit my map in ???my content??? and chose to open it in the desktop application.  I noticed that this creates a MXD file and geodatabase on my computer.  Then I edit the points and the subsequent information in ARCMap no problem. 

When I bring the info back into the online map, I have the problem.  I export the points to a shapefile and then zip that shapefile as directed.  The application does not connect my edited points with the photo tour. It asks to establish points and photos as if it is a new map.  I checked to make sure that it is the topmost point file in the web map as stated in the instructions.

I assume that the problem is that the field names get changed and truncated when I convert the point geodatabase file to a shapefile for export.  For example, shapefiles do not accept spaces and the field ???Description??? is changed to ???description???.  ArcCatalog doesn't allow me to change the field names to the same specified in the original tour points.