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Attributes first, geometry later?

Question asked by gambrels on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by gambrels
Hi all,

I have a new editor who inadvertently drew all his geometry as graphics rather than features (using the draw tools), and meanwhile populated a "geometryless" attribute table with a great deal of data.  There are enoguh features, and he is new enough that I'd rather not make him totally start over (don't worry, there's still plenty of work left for him to learn to do it right).

A pretty standard editing workflow is to draw the geometry first, then select the drawn feature and add attributes.  But I'm wondering if there's a straightforward way to do the converse - add geometry to existing attributes?  He is working in a shapefile and using v10.1.

It did occur to me to do a four-step process of:
1) convert graphics to features,
2) export attribute table to DBF,
3) join table to features
4) export as new Shapefile.

However, the data he is creating does not include a single unique identifier (it is street by block) so I would have to create that in order to even do the join.  So, to me it would be more straightforward if there was an easy way for him to just re-draw the geometry for each record on the attribute table.  Is it possible to do that - to draw in the geometry second?

Thanks for the ideas!