Auto Assign "Creator" for Ownership Access Control

Discussion created by mbalwanz on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by jskinner-esristaff
Good Afternoon,

I am working on configuring the "Citizen Service Request" from the Local Government resource center.  I am making this app for internal use, where one staff member can create a service request and based on the "type" of request it will automatically get assigned to the relevant department.

I want to set up ownership access control so that only the assigned department (user) can mark the request as complete.  My problem is that I dont want to force everyone who uses it to sign in (unless they are going to mark an assigned request complete) and I also dont want the user who creates the request to have the control over the feature, I want the assigned user.

I have tried (unsuccessfully) to change the value of the "created_user" field, which is one of the default editor tracking fields and the field that I believe is used to determine ownership access.  In addition, since I do not sign in before creating the request the field is populated with "ESRI_Anonymous".  When I look at the feature service in the arcgis services directory the editor tracking fields are say "editable: false" so I assume that is the reason I cant update the fields using applyEdits like I do with the rest of the fields.

Is there a way to overwrite the created_user" value through applyEdits or is there any other way to give ownership access control to a user other than the one who actually creates the feature?

Hope that all makes sense.