Python Addin Comboboxes (write to personal gdb)

Discussion created by mcandy1976 on Feb 10, 2014
Using the Python Addin Wizard for ArcGIS 10.1, I have 5 comboboxes I created using the wizard, I want these 5 boxes to map (bind/attach) to 5 fields in 1 feature class and return the values into the comboboxes, I also want to be able to write new data into the comboboxes and write into the personal gdb. Does anyone know how to do this or have some sample code I could use to make this happen?

The goal is to have one of my users open ArcGIS, open the toolbar (testTB). Then page through the field data from the FC. Then as necc. start an edit session (or just write directly without editing) and enter new data (in the editable field on the combobox) and write the data to the pgdb. Similar to a form to db operation. I have accomplished this in ArcObjects, however the client wants it done in Python, so here I am.

Thanks in advance!