Spatial analyst crashes (arcgis 10.2.1)

Discussion created by gosrokarimlou on Feb 10, 2014
Hi all,

Recently I upgraded my arcgis to 10.2. But now I am having some problems with the spatial analyst. Almost every toolbox in the spatial analyst crashes or hangs (only the raster calculator works).

I searched the internet for possible solutions. But nothing worked. Some things I tried were:
-adding spatial reference to the raster file
-changing raster file to integer
-installing arcgis 10.2.1
-installing background geoprocessing for arcgis desktop
-turning off background geoprocessing
-reinstalling arcgis

Arcgis 10.2.1 can open the rasterfiles but when I try to use a spatial analyst toolbox the program crashes to the desktop or hangs. They can also be opened with other gis packages (arcview 3.x, QGIS, PCRaster). I also tried to use the toolboxes on other PC's with arcgis 10.2 installed, and there they worked.

Arcgis 9.3 always worked fine with my PC.

I read somewhere that these problems could be due to a VBA installation. Can someone help me find a solution?