Popups - Do not display when using the ESRI mobile app

Discussion created by enok on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by dlambert@prcity.com
I have created and configured a popup for a layer  a map on ArcGIS online.   The popup displays as expected when viewing the map using the ArcGIS Online Viewer, or when published as an application and consumed in standard browsers.

The problem arises when I attempt to access the map via the IOS mobile app.  I am able to view the popups in the Android mobile app. .   The popup will simply not display.   The layer I am using is a layer that resides on our public facing GIS Server.    So the layer points to an ArcGIS Server web service.  The only thing really unique about this layer is that I am refreshing the data every 30 seconds. 

Any thoughts on this?