Convert from Representation to Symbology?

Discussion created by 3001sli on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by 3001sli
I have a file geodatabase that includes representations for all the polygon features, so when I add them to my map, they are already set up with the proper fill. The problem is that they are very complex fills and causing my output PDFs to be HUGE. Acrobat has issues handling these complex PDFs and frequently crashes. As far as I can tell, the representations will not rasterize during the export process, where as a marker fill would.

If I turn off the biggest of these feature classes, it drastically reduces my file size. I've also tried creating a custom symbol very similar to the representation and it also makes the output small enough. Is there a way to convert a representation back into symbology? I want the symbology to be exact, not just "close", and to be able to repeat it quickly rather than customizing each one as I have several different maps to do this on.