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Script or Model to take a raster value and add it to the correct point in a shapefile

Question asked by zancona1987 on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by hua17

I have a workspace containing 450~ rasters all named something similar to this "PSI_SourceCalculation_93_step1_Minus.tif".

The only part of the name that changes from raster to raster is the number in between SourceCalculation and step1. This is where I am sort of having my issue. The way that Arc orders theses rasters in a folder is like this for example: 99,98,98,96,95,94,93,92,91,90,9,89.

This is what i believe is giving me my issue. Since I have a point shapefile that is ordered from 1 to 450~ and I would like to place the value I have in raster #1 into the attribute table for the point shapefile of #1. But having the folder strucutre go from 90 to 9 back to 89 is throwing off any list I create to try and get them in order from 1 to 450.

Since I have this folder of rasters in the strange Arc Map ordering I can't just populate a list and then transfer that list in order to the shapefile.

I'm wondering if I should think about renaming all of the rasters so they go in the right order? And also on top of that I am unsure of the tool/script to use so that I can take a value in a raster and drop it into the correct shapefiles point (assuming I can get the ordering figured out).

Thank you for any help anyone can provide,

Zach Ancona