help with redundant raster tasks

Discussion created by geoffrie on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by SWalbridge-esristaff

I'm an occasional ArcMap user running 10.1 and I have a lot of raster processing ahead of me.  I'm hoping someone here can help with some suggestions for (quasi-)automation.  I have a series of 63 weather models for the entire world.  I have three relevant weather files (minimum temperature, max temp, and precipitation) on a monthly basis, which means I am dealing with 63 models x 3 variables x 12 months = 2000+ files.  I would like to get this down to annual summaries, which takes it down to 63 x 3 raster files, which is still a lot but not as daunting.

To do this, I will be adding all 12 raster files to get annual precip, and averaging the rasters to get average min and max temperature.  All rasters come from the same place so resolution and spatial reference are not an issue.

I am hoping that there is a reasonable way to cut the workload down, without involving python, because I'm not able to efficiently use that tool yet.  I'm familiar with the raster calculator and think that could be my best bet for this task.

Thanks in advance for your help!