Orthoimages from Landsat.

Discussion created by skallos on Feb 8, 2014
Hello all,

I'm quite new at GIS, I have a real basic question.

1) I downloaded a NBR reflectance product from ESPA with Landsat 5 images. The package came with a GCP test file but I'm having trouble linking it to the image itself, in order to link it to the DEM I have obtained. A little help??

2) I have some aerial imagery from an unknown flight that needs to be orthorectified. It seems to be linked to a reference system since it is overlays nicely on my maps however it is not orthorectified. I was told I could link it to google maps perhaps for a georefecnce. But that doesn't solve my 3D issues.

3) Once I have 2 solved I need to set up a "virtual sampling" system to ground truth in a sense my NBR images. I need to know how to set up a 30x30m grid system to conduct an analyses on my Landsat images. Is there a way to overlay a gird system that creates a 30x30m grid that is adjusted for slope etc?