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Discussion created by dtewksbu on Feb 6, 2014
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Color Ramps 2.0 has been updated to Color Ramps 3.0 but unfortunately one of the ramps used in one of our course exercises has been dropped with this update, Bathymetry_1.15 Crater Lake. This ramp did a great job for symbolizing transition from bathymetry to on-shore elevations.

The Crater Lake map which uses this color ramp is the featured map on the map page, but the shader is no longer part of the Color Ramps 3.0 set.

All attempts to locate the Color Ramp 2.0, frustratingly brings me back to the same resource page with the Color Ramp 3.0 download. The link in the description takes you to a blog post about color ramp 2.0 where the crater lake ramp is shown, but there does not appear to be anyway to download the older version.

It would be great if you would put the Crater Lake color ramp back into the hypsometry color ramps that are now in version 3.0.

Would also be great to see the "Ask the Cartographer" page become active again.