Buttons and Geocoder Dijit in IE10

Discussion created by msubeer on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2014 by jihoon03

This is just a helpful workaround I have been able to implement... if someone found themselves with a similar situation maybe it will work for them...

I recently added the Geocoder dijit to an application.  I was using a dojo layout with an accordion panel containing a variety of buttons (just regular buttons, not dojo buttons) on the left....  my Map div was placed in the center.... pretty standard... 

My geocode dijit worked great in Firefox and Chrome when I typed in an address and pressed the enter key.  However, Internet Explorer 10 would not start the search; rather, it would fire on a button in the selected accordion panel. 

I attempted to use an event listener on the geocoder to find out what was/wasnt firing... every key on the keyboard provided me with event information except the enter key... 

on(dom.byId('search_input'), "keyup", function (event) {

It wasnt until I specifically set the <button> tags to type="button" that things behaved correctly in internet explorer 10.  Maybe this was a 'rookie' mistake and most of you provide a button type, but chances are there are folks out there just like me.

Anyways, I've always received good help using this forum when I couldnt find solutions, so I thought I would share a scenario/solution of my own.