Add_in Deployment With DLL Dependencies

Discussion created by philipatnortharrow on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2014 by philipatnortharrow
I have developed two Add-ins for ArcMap using Both use the same DLLs dependencies. However, when users have both Add-ins loaded in ArcMap they may differ in the versions of these DLLs that they ship with. So:

Add-in Number 1 ships with dependency # 1 version X
Add-in Number 2 ships with with dependency # 1 version Y

Since ArcMap is a single threaded application, it will only load each specific DLL dependency once, even though each Add-in possesses a separate and different copy of the dependency DLL. Also, there is also no way to control which Add-in gets loaded first and so the result is that I can't rely on which version of dependency #1 is loaded. ArcMap only loads one copy and it's not possible to rely which version it is.

Does anyone know a workaround please? Is there a way to ensure that each Add-in gets it's own copy of the dependency DLLs loaded?