Is standardizing on Geodatabase XML a good idea ?

Discussion created by on Feb 6, 2014
We are working with a government agency client who needs to interchange infrastructure datasets (internally and with other agencies) stored in local and enterprise geodatabases and also with other external systems and are considering standardizing on ESRI�??s Geodatabase XML. Our client, however, has expressed a concern about the risk of adopting an industry standard that might either go away, no longer be supported, or will become obsolete too soon. 

�?� Is there a better alternative for geodatabase content interchange than Geodatabase XML today that we should consider?
�?� Are further developments related to Geodatabase XML ongoing and/or planned, or will it be superseded by a better way to exchange GIS datasets some time soon? 
�?� Is it presently actively supported?
�?� Will it be supported for the foreseeable future?

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Dave Lanter