Creating a heat map of activity by assigning scores to a regular grid of points

Discussion created by brentonlc on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by obllhcb

I want to create an activity heat map for an area based on the number of activities that occur across the area.

I was thinking the best way would be to create a regular grid of points, and give each point a search radius, then somehow attribute the grid of points with a score based on the number of features in the search area and a weighting that will be assigned to each different type of dataset (e.g. points, lines and polygons)

I would love some advice on the best way to approach this, particularly what type of search could deal with with point lines and polygons, or even if a grid of points are the best to use or something different.

Or if this or something similar has already been done could you point me at it? I am quite new to ArcMap obviously so any help would be greatly appreciated.