SDE compress with locks

Discussion created by RudinA on Feb 5, 2014
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I am trying to come up with a compress workflow. I was hoping someone had clarification for what happens to states when users or web map services are looking at the data when a compress is run.

Here is the scenario:  We have a primary SDE that all general users and all web services access to use GIS data.  Then we have an editing SDE where GIS editors modify the data.  That data is then synced to the primary SDe nightly.  Currently the primary SDE is entirely unversioned, however now we want to host a dataset with a geometric network.  To update this dataset the primary SDE will need to have versions(we'd probably just edit default directly) and once the sync is complete we'd need to a compress.  However its my understanding that if there is a lock on states in an SDE then the compress will ignore the lineage for the state that's being viewed.  So I'm not sure we'd get an effective compress if lots of users and web maps are looking at DEFAULT.  I'd like to avoid kicking everyone off the server if I can, even if its at night since the web services are accessed external to our organization.  There really isnt any other editing on the server... only nightly python/FME data pushes through non-versioned operations.

Thanks for any help you can provide