Generating a Raster Dataset with a Cell Size to match existing Raster:

Discussion created by menglish on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by JSwain-esristaff
Hello:  I requested LiDAR of a county and recieved two different data formats.  One being an img, and the other las files.  In working with the las files, I converted them to a las dataset, but am having a difficult time converting that las dataset to a raster that matches the existing DEM (merged imgs).  I'm using the 'LAS Dataset to Raster' tool, and discovered two areas where there is an option to adjust the output cell size.  One at the sampling type = Cell Size, and sampling value = 5 (meters).  The other setting is found in the environment tab under 'Raster Analysis' where there is an option to select the raster in which you want to match the resolution.  I can't get this to work.  Am I missing something?  Thanks in advance for any help.